Parent holding melting ice cream cone at the beach in hot weather or heatwave

Four reasons why parenting in a heatwave is no fun

Now, I love a heatwave as much as the next person. That is, if the next person is a frazzled mum of two, sweating buckets, wearing weather-inappropriate clothes and longing for a nice cool, cloudy day. Because you see, since having children, heatwaves (much like holidays) are not what they once were. Whereas the mention …

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September, we meet again….

  Well, here we are again, September. You don’t waste any time, do you? August has barely packed up her flip flops and there you are, mooching about with your darker nights, cold winds and frizzy hair. I’ll be frank, September. You get on my wick. Here’s why. You saunter in all coy when no …

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