Regrets, I’ve had a few…..

I’m not one of those people who looks back on their life and says ‘If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing’. I’d love to say that I have no regrets, but that would be a lie. I have plenty.  If I was to talk about a couple of my biggest regrets, I’d probably have to touch on the vodka and Red bull incident of 1998, the orange (yes, ORANGE) trainers I wore on and off throughout my entire 4 years at university, and, of course, the absolutely hideous moment when, in a hurry to catch a train, I told a boyfriend (who I most certainly did not love) that I loved him. By accident.

But these regrets are all minor indiscretions when compared to what I would class as the biggest regret of my life so far. The truth is, my biggest ever regret is not a shameful drunken incident, an ill-advised fashion choice, or even the fact that I somehow accidentally managed to instigate a serious relationship with someone I didn’t remotely fancy.

No, my biggest regret, to date, is this:

Pink Unicorn on carpet - my biggest regret

Yes, this absolutely massive beast of a unicorn. For reasons unbeknownst to me (although I’m guessing it was one of those emotional nights, when you watch your children sleeping soundly and you start thinking about just how incredibly lucky you are to have them), I made this purchase as a gift for my little girl.

No one asked for it, no one pressured me into buying it, it was not a purchase made under duress and I have absolutely no one else to blame for it, but myself. I willingly ordered, paid for and had delivered this monstrosity of a soft toy.

Not only is it completely hideous, it is massive (did I mention?) and we have nowhere to keep it. Even when Little B’s room is tidy (and I can only tidy and clean her room by first removing the hideous creature), the simple act of returning it to her bedroom undoes all my work. It’s very existence makes the place look like an absolute tip.

If it has ever had any point at all, it would be that it was once used as something for Little B to snuggle into whenever she wet the bed as a toddler and we needed to change her sheets in the middle of the night. But this now happens so rarely that even if it could be said to have once had the slightest hint of a purpose, it is certainly now completely redundant.

I have considered fashioning a giant unicorn size body bag out of bin liners and condemning the godforsaken mythical menace to the loft until Little B forgets about it, but I know I’d never get away with it because she can be quite sentimental when it comes to her toys, and this thing is so bloody big that whenever I’ve previously tried to remove it from her room, she’s noticed that it’s missing within seconds.

Pink Unicorn on carpet - biggest regret
Don’t look into the eyes….

I have to look at this gormless creature staring out from the side of Little B’s room every day: a constant reminder of the perils of over-emotional impulse buying. I’d shove it under her bed if it would fit. Or I’d squeeze it into her wardrobe if it wasn’t so gi-bloody-normous.

It’s looking like the useless unicorn is going to be with us for a while, destined to remain sprawled across the bedroom floor in all it’s glorious pointlessness, for many years to come. No doubt I will continue to make futile attempts to relocate and then finally banish it from our house, and Little B will continue to successfully demand that it’s brought back to her room, pronto.

But one day, I will dispose of it for good. And if that day just happens to fall on or around 5th November, and I just happen to be carrying a box of matches, then all the better.


Have you made any similar poor purchasing decisions? Every bought anything you’re going to regret for the rest of your life? Let me know in the comments.

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34 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve had a few…..”

    1. A drum kit?! Why would you do that to yourself? (Says the woman who is trying to get rid of the world’s largest unicorn!)

  1. Oh yeah, regrets I have many! I like to buy on impulse and have quite a stash of stuff I’ve never once worn or used. But nothing as big as your unicorn! But it’s sooooo cute!

    Veronica Lee recently posted…Kolam 2019My Profile

  2. It’s actually pretty adorable but like you, something that big lying around would drive me insane.
    Could you not replace it with a much (much!) smaller look-a-like and say it must have struck?

  3. Brilliant – someone once gave us a giant soft toy Father Christmas, it was not until we moved house a couple of years ago that I was able to make it disappear so I totally get our despair #KCACOLS

    1. Moving house might be a bit extreme, but give me a couple more years with this unicorn and I might even consider it!

  4. Hehe this made me really giggle. When I was little my aunt bought me a panda that was bigger than I was! It’s still in my parent’s loft now. #GlobalBlogging & #KCACOLS

    1. That’s good of your parents to hold onto it for you. If the unicorn is still with us when our 4 year old grows up and moves out, she’s taking it with her!

  5. My goodness, that is a rather large Unicorn! Although I can’t talk as we have something similar – An over-lifesize huskie currently resides in our children’s playroom!! I feel your pain!!!!

  6. Tee Hee you made me giggle with this one. We have a ginormous dolls house which I didn’t buy but did agree to my sister and mother buying. It is so huge it almost rivals Queen Victoria’s one at Windsor Castle… Seriously I think it can be seen from space #DreamTeam

  7. I go back and forth about this. I can’t bring myself to believe that “everything happens for a reason”, I think thats ridiculous, but I’m also currently pretty content in life and if I were to change any of the many, many poor decisions I’ve made along the way, maybe I’m not where I am now. My kid would love that unicorn though. For about a minute #KCACOLS

    1. I certainly have regrets but at the same time I agree that our experiences shape us, so if I had the option, I’m not sure I really would change that much – apart from that night I bought the unicorn of course!

  8. Hahahahaha, sorry had to let that out! My ex once won a massive tiger and gave it to the kids. It gradually moved further from the play area until it reached the charity shop 😀 Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  9. Haha! I’ve seen those unicorns around and my girls would have loved to have it when they were younger haha. I’ve accepted a HUGE teddy when my eldest was younger – I regretted it so much haha! #KCACOLS

  10. We bought a huge cuddly bear for our son, it was about 4ft high. It now resides in the garage 20 years later lol. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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