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In a present-picking panic? Just ask Wicked Uncle

This is a collaborative post with Wicked Uncle but all views are my own.

Our 4 year old started school last month and already she’s had so many birthday party invitations that we’ve had to start turning them down. Shoehorning birthday parties into our already hectic schedule is one thing, but the hassle of buying presents is another matter entirely. Because how the dickens do you go about choosing a present for a child you’ve barely even heard of, never mind met? Well, my fellow flummoxed parents, I may only have been a member of the ‘school mum club’ for a month, but I have the answer: Wicked Uncle.

So what’s so special about Wicked Uncle?

Well, I have to admit that I first thought Wicked Uncle was just another online toy shop selling slightly quirky presents.

How wrong I was.

Wicked Uncle is so much more that a toy shop. In fact, it’s really not a toy shop at all. It’s a gift shop, and an absolute godsend for the time-pressed, inspiration-lacking frazzled parent, who has no desire to spend their negligible free time scouring the shelves of the local toy megastore, looking for suitable gifts for children they don’t know. Heck, Wicked Uncle is not just for parents. Grandparents, aunties, uncles and anyone struggling for ideas of what to buy their littlest relatives should give it a go too.

Wicked Uncle takes all the stress of present shopping away, and all they need from you is the tiny smidgen of information you have about the intended recipient. Simply select whether you are buying for a boy or girl (or select ‘all’ if you’d rather not make a choice based on gender), then select the child’s age, and off you go! You’ll be presented with a large (but crucially, not overwhelming) list of brilliant ideas for the lucky child. Just scroll through, see what takes your fancy and make your choice.

And if you’re lucky enough to have more information about the recipient than we do for any of our next 4 birthday parties, you can pick a category to further narrow down your search.

Ok, so it’s easy to search for a present. What else?

Well, the service doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve selected your gift, you can opt to have it gift-wrapped in your choice of paper and you can even add a greetings card, yet again saving you a trip to the shops. And get this: if you want to ship the ready-wrapped gift and greetings card directly to the lucky child, Wicked Uncle will even write the card for you! What more could you ask for?

Fair enough, but let’s cut to the chase: do they have a Joke Factory?

Doesn’t every self-respecting gift website have a joke factory? Well no, they don’t actually. But Wicked Uncle does, and somehow they’ve even managed to sort jokes by age.

If you want to know how the man in the moon cuts his hair, pop over to Wicked Uncle’s Joke Factory and find out. I’ve been laughing at this one all afternoon, which suggests I have the sense of humour of a seven year old….

So anyway, have you tried Wicked Uncle for yourself?

Yes, because Wicked Uncle were kind enough to provide us with a £40 voucher code to make a purchase from their website and experience for ourselves just how user-friendly it is.

We decided to use the opportunity to buy something a bit different from our 4 year old’s usual choice (by which I mean voucher code or no voucher code, there was no way on God’s earth we would be buying any more unicorn-related paraphernalia).

As well as toys and gifts by household names like Hape, Melissa & Doug and National Geographic, Wicked Uncle also stocks products from lesser known manufacturers, which means that you’re bound to come across something a little bit quirky and little less run of the mill. This was great news as it meant that were were easily able to bypass the unicorn poo (although it’s there if you want it), and go for something a bit more out of the ordinary. We chose Brightworks Design and Drill, and a, err.. pocket kite (well, it has been windy of late….).

The ordering process was a breeze (get it?) and a couple of days after placing the order, our package arrived.


A lovely little touch that I hadn’t expected to find was a thank you card, ready for the recipient to fill in and send off. Because manners cost nothing and all that…

Wicked Uncle thank you card

And another great thing was that there was no delivery note or payment information sheet within the parcel. Obviously this is ideal if you’re sending it directly to the recipient but even if you’re not, who actually does anything with the delivery note or payment information anyway? In our house it goes straight in the recycling, so there’s yet another job that Wicked Uncle has taken off my hands.

It’s been a bit wet for flying kites, but I can tell you that the BrightWorks Design and Drill has been a hit with our 4 year old and personally I was chuffed with it. I’d never come across it before and it’s not something I’d ever have thought to buy for my little girl had it not been cleverly suggested by Wicked Uncle.

And that’s the beauty of Wicked Uncle.  You really don’t have to put too much thought into what to buy, because they manage to take care of most of that for you too.

So, if you want to impress your new school mum mates and take the credit for coming up with all the best birthday presents (despite having put in absolutely minimal thought and effort), then I’d highly recommend Wicked Uncle. Pop over to the Wicked Uncle website, or take a look at their Twitter or Facebook pages where you can find brilliant gift ideas and gift guides. You’ll also find plenty of kid-friendly jokes if you want to try to impress your children’s new friends too – just try not to embarrass yourself by laughing too hard at the jokes aimed at 7 year olds!

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42 thoughts on “In a present-picking panic? Just ask Wicked Uncle”

  1. So glad you found Wicked Uncle, you are going to be needing them a lot for the forseeable future! Primary school seems to be one flipping birthday party after another, doesn’t it? I just wish Wicked Uncle were about when my girls were getting all those endless party invitations x


    1. There are some great ideas for gifts on their website. It’s definitely going to help me out for all the upcoming birthdays (and Christmas!).

  2. I have heard of Wicked Uncle and dismissed them for some reason but having seen your posts and the example products will check them out – like the mix of play and learning too #StayClassyMama

    1. I hadn’t realised they had such a variety of toys (or that they were so easy to use) until I used them for this review.

  3. I’ve never heard of it but it does sound incredibly convenient. I have the same problem with my daughter being invited to birthday parties. The invites haven’t started coming yet but I know they will from December. So I might have to check this out! #bloggerclubuk

  4. I have no ideas at all on what to buy my 9 year old son so I will head over to Wicked Uncle to have a look. I thought Wicked Uncle was a person the first time I heard it mentioned! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  5. It looks like they have great options for many different ages ranges. Perfect for those that are tricky yo buy for. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  6. Great post! I had to go and check out the moon joke as well, lol! I really like the look of that BrightWorks kit, I think it might be a good one for our kiddo. I do most of our shopping online, physical shops are often too busy for us. And it’s great that you can get these things gift wrapped and ready to go!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS, hope you join in again next time! x
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