Sparks and daughters penguin jumper and card

Getting set for winter with Sparks & Daughters

This is a collaborative post with Sparks & Daughters, but all views are my own.

The clocks went back at the weekend and there’s now no denying that we’re on the rapid descent from ‘bit chilly’ to ‘absolutely freezing’.

As ever, I’ve been caught out by the sudden change in temperature and last Friday before half term, I had to do a last minute mad dash around the house at 8.30am to find hats and gloves for the school run. Of course, oblivious to my efforts, our 4 year old repeatedly refused to wear her hat all the way to school, and my 18 month old took off his mits immediately upon leaving the house and did his best to eat them for the entirety of the school run. But at least I tried.

Anyway, I’m now on a mission to get everyone kitted out with cosy jumpers before the real cold hits in the next few weeks, and thanks to Sparks & Daughters, I’ve managed to get a head start.

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I’d never come across Sparks & Daughters previously, but if you’re looking for unique gifts this Christmas (or just fancy rewarding yourself for all the miserable icy cold school runs you’ll have to endure before then…), I really recommend that you take a look at their website.

Sparks & Daughters is very much a family run business, started over ten years ago by mother and daughter team, Deborah and Verity Sparks. Their first product was personalised aprons, but now they have a large range of clothing, gifts, homeware and much more.  The emphasis is on helping families mark those important moments and milestones, be it a birthday, a graduation, a first Christmas, or just something as simple as those understated moments spent baking or gardening with your children. Many of the products can be personalised to add that extra special touch.

I was kindly sent a gorgeous Penguin Children’s Winter Jumper to review.

Sparks and daughters penguin jumper and card

I thought this would be great for my 18 month old and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  I really can’t fault the quality of the jumper. It is so soft and has a lovely fleecy feel to the inside.  We were sent the 1-2 years size and it fits our 18 month old perfectly, but still has sufficient room for him to grow.

Sparks and Daughters penguin jumper sizing


Sparks and Daughters penguin jumper


toddler wearing Sparks and Daughters penguin jumperThe penguin design is simple, but so cute. While it could pass as a Christmas jumper, it’s not too Christmassy that your little one would be limited to wearing it in December. It is, however, perfect for the winter months and if it came in adult sizes, I’d certainly be buying one for myself!

The jumper can be personalised if that’s something you fancy, but it works perfectly well without personalisation too.

It’s priced at £20, which is slightly more than I would usually pay for my little boy’s clothes, but given that this jumper is so well made and has such a high quality feel (as well as being super cute and cosy!), I’d say it’s worth paying that little bit extra for.

I’m sure I’m going to be popping back to Sparks & Daughters as Christmas approaches. I already have my eye on some brilliant unique gifts for some of my family members, which will make a pleasant change from my usual last minute Boots 3 for 2 panic buys.

If you’re looking for something a bit different this year, do visit Sparks & Daughters’ website for yourself and see all the lovely products they have to offer. You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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22 thoughts on “Getting set for winter with Sparks & Daughters”

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I do love the Penguin jumper, it’s very cute. Plus it’s not limited to wearing at Christmas time as you say. I don’t know if it will help with mitt removal but my mum sewed a piece of cord to attach his mitts together so they don’t get lost. So far he hasn’t removed them but not sure if that’s just been down to luck ?. If you aren’t a sewer JoJo Maman’s have mitt clips to attach them. #MMBC

    1. I’m glad you like it, and thanks for the mitt advice. He’s started to keep them on now that he’s getting used to wearing them, so hopefully we’ll get away with it! I’m hopeless at sewing, but I like the idea of mitt clips so will have a look, because it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be trying to eat them again, no doubt!

    1. It’s really cute isn’t it? They have quite a few penguin print clothing items on their website, as well as some lovely penguin gift items too.

    1. It’s lovely, isn’t it? They have some gorgeous gift items for Christmas on their website, so I hope you find something you like!

  2. Very cute! And you can totally get away with it all winter long, not just for Christmas time. I love Christmas jumpers but they do feel like a waste at times because you only get to wear them for a couple of weeks. #globalblogging

  3. I feel exactly the same about Christmas jumpers, but winter jumpers I can get away with, especially for our 18 month old because he’s growing so fast that he only gets a couple of months’ wear out of his normal clothes anyway!

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